Pau Gasol presented an illustrated children’s book, Luis & Mr. Kandinsky, in Madrid, with which he, his brother and the Roca brothers describe how to live an active and healthy life.

IMG_3606The book was presented at the Nuestra Señora del Pilar school during the 75th edition of the Feria del Libro de Madrid (Madrid Book Fair), at an event organized by Gasol Foundation and Banco Popular. The brothers highlighted the importance of healthy cooking and exercise, values which are contained within the pages of the children’s story, Luis & Mr. Kandinsky, before an audience of hundreds of students. As they explained, “Guys, I know at the beginning it’s hard to eat a balanced diet, but I promise you it’s worth it. A healthy diet gives us more energy and makes our brain work better. In time, you will be happy you made the decision to eat well.”

The eldest Gasol brother took advantage of the occasion to remind the parents present about the importance of family for proper child development. The habits learned at a young age, ensure good lifelong routines. “Children learn to eat a healthy diet at home. No one at my house got up without finishing everything on their plate. They knew that if they did, the next day at breakfast, the vegetables would still be there on their plate waiting for them. And no interruptions – meals are special family moments.”

IMG_3619The students at the Nuestra Señora del Pilar school, which had previously read the book in class, didn’t want to miss the opportunity to ask Pau for advice on what to do when forced to eat healthy food they don’t like. Pau was honest with them, and said, “Of course there are foods I like less, but I have a strategy, I disguise them! I combine them with other foods which I do enjoy. The key is to eat all kinds of foods. I really enjoy eating!”

Luis & Mr. Kandinsky can be purchased at the Feria del Libro de Madrid (Madrid Book Fair), at bookstores across Spain, as well as on Edebé’s webpage:

10% of the profits acquired from the book, are put towards Gasol Foundation projects aimed at lowering the childhood obesity rate in Spain and the US. With the story, Luis & Mr. Kandinsky, 5 of the most important brothers in the world of sports and cooking, attempt to make healthy heating and sports more accessible to kids.