Quick trip to the healthy habits galaxy with the Kaptiva Sports Academy

Gasol Foundation held healthy habits workshops for young people, parents and participants of the Clinic of the Kaptiva Academy organized by Kaptiva Sports. Ready to learn about healthy habits with us? Don’t miss a word!

Quick trip to the healthy habits galaxy!

The sessions with the Kaptiva Sports Academy families have been very exciting so far! They began with in-depth discussions regarding certain health concepts that often come to mind when it comes to healthy habits. Families have been able to work and classify ideas in relation to the four health pillars promoted by the Gasol Foundation: physical activity, healthy eating, quality rest and emotional well-being.

Since participating in the workshops, parents & children have recognized the most important health messages that encourage the whole family to be in good health and improve their athletic performance:

  • Healthy eating has numerous benefits. Besides the physical effects, you learn exactly what a balanced meal entails and how to construct a meal plan that consists of carbs, fats and proteins. This plan should contain three meals and snacks that will keep you feeling satisfied all day long. Another benefit of nutritional eating has to do with portion control. The significance of portion size is crucial when it comes to body weight management and total caloric intake. Proper hydration is another key to healthy eating. Drinking a minimum of 8 glasses of water a day, especially during physical activity, provides energy and helps your body perform at a high level. Parents have to set a positive example for their children: share meals together at the family dinning table will bond with your child over a healthy meal. Relax, converse, laugh, eat and enjoy!


  • The practice of physical activity improves health and reduces the risk of developing chronic diseases. It is very important that children and young people ages 5-17 do at least 60 minutes of physical activity a day. An easy way to get into this habit is to perhaps exercise and workout as a family. What better way to stay motivated about your fitness routine then by making exercise a family affair. Embarking on a fitness journey as a family helps to hold family members accountable, foster better health, and help build closer relationships.


  • It is essential to have good quality sleep for the physical, social and emotional development of children. The screens should be turned off 30 minutes prior to bedtime. Also, avoid noise and turn off the lights to ensure the room conditions are adequate for a good nights rest.


  • The transition from childhood to adulthood consists of various stages as children grow and develop. It is important for parents to be present during this time in a child’s life. Parents role during this transition is to provide support. Give them confidence, consider ways to boost their self-confidence, help them develop routines and structure, establish limits and foster an environment of mutual respect. Becoming aware of your child’s emotional well-being and seeking ways in which to strengthen their emotional capacities is very important, especially when it comes to their cognitive abilities. Educating your children on these concepts helps them develop both inside and outside of the classroom as they are able to identify skills such as curiosity, resilience and creativity.

Exploring the healthy habits galaxy

Several workshop sessions have been carried out by dividing the participants in groups according to their ages. Children and teenagers have started the workshop off by simulating a journey through a healthy galaxy in a spaceship in order to fulfill their mission of discovering healthy habits.

Through space travel, we have learned that to maintain a good state of health and fitness, we must take into account the four planets promoted by Gasol Foundation. Doing so will help each and everyone of us all live much healthier and productive lives!