Say hello to fruits & vegetables with the families at L’Esport SUMA

Here at Gasol Foundation we believe that a healthy diet is the key to young people’s physical and emotional development. Fruits and vegetables are our best ally in the pursuit of a balanced diet. It may not be easy to get children to eat them, but it’s certainly not impossible! At the February edition of L’Esport SUMA (Badalona), the main topic covered was how to motivate children to eat more fruits and vegetables. Take note of these tips and make fruits and vegetables a key part of your kids’ diets!

How to promote healthy eating among children

Making children eat fruits and vegetables can be complicated, but as role models, you make a big impact on their diet. Check out these suggestions from Gasol Foundation to motivate children to eat healthier, just as many families at L’Esport SUMA have been able to do.


  • Keep healthy food accessible: Keep healthy food like fruits, vegetables and dairy products in the first drawers in the fridge. If they are easy to access, children are much more likely to reach for products from these food groups.
  • Providing a good example is an important factor to motivate children to eat healthy: It’s more likely that a child eat healthy if they see adults eating healthy around them.
  • Don’t force them to eat big portions of food:  It’s never good to force children to eat and when it comes to introducing new foods, it’s important that it be done little by little. And if at first they dislike the food, try serving it different ways. For instance, if they don’t like broccoli boiled, try putting it in a salad with other vegetables which they do like.
  • Make home-made meals: Cooking at home guarantees you that your family is eating healthy and that they are getting all the nutrients their bodies need. It also allows children to help out in the kitchen. By participating in the cooking process, they will be much more likely to want to try new foods and willing to eat healthy.
  • Present dishes in an attractive manner by mixing colors and shapes: “Fun” dishes are more appetizing for children. If you make eating an adventure, your kids will see mashed potatoes as a magic potion, or asparagus as laser swords.  Never underestimate the power of imagination!
  • Grow your own fruits and vegetables: This will help to boost their desire to try all kinds of healthy foods!

During the L’Esport SUMA session, our nutritionist shared a delicious recipe made with fruits and vegetables with the families, which they greatly enjoyed preparing and eating. The result was beautiful and fun dish that changed many children’s perceptions of fruits and vegetables.

Mealtime  =  quality time

Eating together helps children feel more connected to their family. Family meals encourage children to share and be more open with their parents, which helps to reinforce the family bond. The families of  L‘Esport Suma, also joined to eat a family meal with the February #HealthyChallenge: Family Meals Matter. Don’t miss our tips on making your family meals unique and special!

Here at Gasol Foundation, we consider that at the end of the day what really matters is that the whole family eats a healthy diet, as well as carries out a consistent exercise routine.