Social Responsibility Award by EU Business School

Such an honor to receive the EU Business School Social Responsibility Award in recognition of the core values of Gasol Foundation and the $1,000 grant to promote our #0ChildhoodObesity programs. Together we can!

As you may already know, we at Gasol Foundation use sports, physical activity, nutrition and social emotional workshops to combat unhealthy living and reduce childhood obesity rates for children, adolescents and their families. We believe practicing healthy habits takes on a much deeper meaning in one’s everyday life. In other words, these particular health habits can also promote inherent values such as empathy, team work, integrity, hard work, positive attitude, honesty and passion. Such values help Gasol Foundation build healthier communities and ensure that future generations grow up healthy in all ways. The first step we must all take in order to accomplish this is to apply the values listed above. Values influence our actions, thus helping us grow and develop. Some values may change over time, but our core values always stay with us!

Gasol Foundation is extremely honored to have received the EU Business School Social Responsibility Award “in recognition of the compassion and values demonstrated: empathy, integrity, honesty and passion. We feel as though it is our social responsibility to implement these values through our work; and we will continue to do so. Awards like this help us keep moving forward in fulfilling our promise of providing equal access to a life full of opportunities for everyone!

Watch HERE the EU Barcelona Commencement Ceremony where the Social Responsibility Award was received by Cristina Ribes, Gasol Foundation’s Executive Director (min.46:16)