Summer is a beautiful time of year! Can you believe we are already a month into summer, which officially began on June 21st. Schools and universities are out for summer break, the weather is nice and hot, and there are numerous summer activities going on.

Although the summer season mostly consists of plenty of R&R, Gasol Foundation wants you to still keep in mind our 4 pillars of health- physical activity, healthy eating, sleep duration and quality and emotional well-being.

Summer is the perfect time to go outdoors and get moving! Weather it’s a walk at dusk or a jog on the beach, summer always seems to motivate us to explore, play and move. What fun and healthy summer activities have you participated in so far?

To provide you with some help, below is a list of 10 summer activities. There is still plenty of summer time left! That means there is plenty of time for you to try all of  these activities! The best part- all of these activities can be done alone or with family and friends!

1. Go on a bike ride– Pull your bike out of the garage and go for a light spin around the neighborhood. This is a fun, calorie burning activity that is even more fun to do together as a family.

2. Fire up the grill– What is more of a summery activity than grilling? Grab your spatula and start cooking. Grilling doesn’t always have to consist of barbecue or unhealthy foods. Cook some chicken on the grill for grilled chicken or veggies for vegetable skewers.

3. Go on a hike–  Explore nature by going on a hike. You can take in the beautiful scenery while simultaneously breaking a sweat. Hiking actually can be considered a full-body workout too.

4. Go for a swim– Is there anything better than hitting the local pool or beach during summer? Cool off while getting in a few laps in the water. Water aerobics, swimming and even playing in the pool is a great way to stay active.

5. Start gardening– Summer is the perfect time to plant a garden. This activity is beneficial in many ways. It is an outdoor activity that gets you active. It also motivates kids to eat veggies, as they are much more inclined to eat something they helped cultivate and grow!

6. Go for a walk after dinner– Now that the sun is staying out later and kids don’t have to wake up early for school the next morning, this summer activity is perfect! Instead of plopping on the coach after dinner, get some light exercise in and let your food digest by going on a walk around your neighborhood or at the park after dinner.

7. Hit up the local farmers market– Take a visit to a farmers market for some fresh and healthy produce. Take the entire family along and together, pick out ingredients to make a healthy dinner that night.

8. Go camping– Plan a camping trip with your family and friends. This is a great summer activity that allows one to put down the screens and reconnect with nature.

9. Make smoothies– Nothing is more refreshing than a delicious smoothie during a hot summer day. Grab your family and your blender or smoothie maker, and have a smoothie. By using fruits, veggies, almond milk, etc. you can make a tasty smoothie in no time. Smoothies are also a great way to get kids to eat veggies by showing them you can drink them! Even add some crazy straws for them as well!

10. Grab a kite, frisbee or ball and head to the park– Instead of always playing in your backyard or neighborhood, take a fun trip to the park. Play a ball game, fly a kit, or play ultimate frisbee. All are fun activities that will be sure to get your heart rate up!

With a little planning, this summer can be the healthiest and most fun yet! Don’t forget this summer to make it healthy, make it fun!