Gasol Foundation gives its first steps in Spain at the Barcelona Magic Line


Marc and Pau Gasol are concerned about the child obesity in the United States and Spain and they believe children should have healthier lives, eat better, and increase their physical activity. To address these concerns, Marc and Pau created in 2013 the Gasol Foundation focused on promoting physical activity and healthy eating in order to reduce child obesity.

Besides their work through the Gasol Foundation, Pau and Marc also support different children’s hospitals, such as Sant Joan de Deu, Barcelona Children’s Hospital. Apart from being one of the international standards for highly specialized hospital care, teaching, and research, their Foundation carries out several programs to support the most vulnerable people such as children, homeless, and those at risk of social exclusion. To raise funds for these projects and with the support of hundreds of volunteers, Sant Joan de Deu Foundation organizes many activities like the Barcelona Magic Line, a charity walk along the seven hills of Barcelona that took place last 2nd March.

The Gasol Foundation started its activity last summer in the United States, where Pau and Marc live most of the year. The Foundation took its first steps in Spain at the Barcelona Magic Line in 2014. Following the Barcelona Magic Line theme, ‘If you want to go fast, go alone; If you want to go far, go together’ – African proverb. The Gasol Foundation, also committed to the most vulnerable people, decided to join as a team and contribute to the cause. We are very proud of our achievements: our team of 14 people walked 20 km and raised 3.265 €.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who supported our challenge, We would like to give a special thanks to Sant Joan de Deu and its volunteers for making our participation at the Barcelona Magic Line an unforgettable experience.

And of course, we want to thank Marc and Pau for their continuous support.

Looking forward to the Barcelona Magic Line 2015!