The Gasol Foundation organizes a working day for healthy habits with the Pau Gasol Academy participants.


Barcelona, July 15th 2014.- During the Pau Gasol Academy, where 90 kids from all over Spain spend a week improving their fundamentals on basketball with Pau Gasol and his professional crew, that took place between July 12th and July 19th at the CAR in Sant Cugat del Vallés, Barcelona (CAR, High Performance Facility), the Gasol Foundation organized a working day for the younger ones to learn about basic knowledge on healthy habits.

The Gasol Foundation organized a talk about nutrition and sports, with the collaboration of Saioa Segura, nutritionist of the CAR in St. Cugat, Barcelona (CAR, High Performance Facility) in order to transmit to the kids and teenagers how important nutrition is for their development. Marc and Pau Gasol joined Saioa and shared their experience and their own habits for game days and competition time, and they high-lined the importance of having a good, varied breakfast, and the need of good rest and sleeping well so as to be capable of the best performance during competition. During the talk, teenagers asked their questions about all these things they do as athletes during the time they are not practicing or competing, which is known as invisible practice: rest, hygiene, body care and nutrition.

At the end of the event we launched a team competition mixing kids of different ages, playing different sports: swimming, track and field and beach soccer. Always focusing on teamwork, integration, team spirit and fair play. At the end of the day, the kids received a Gasol Foundation backpack that included information about sports and nutrition.

The Gasol Foundation has granted two complete scholarships for two kids, so that they will be able to get Pau Gasol Academy’s training and enjoy all the activities, for free.