The Vida! Walking Club. Working hard and loving it!

Gasol Foundation launched a Vida! Walking Club in South Los Angeles and Boyle Heights during the 2015-2016 school year and is seeing some really amazing results!

Walkers post raceBeginning in September of 2015, our Vida! parents were asked if they would commit to a walking club for the school year.  What happened next, you ask?   Well, upon our inquiry – 50 parents pledged to challenge themselves, both physically and mentally, and walk with us!

Meeting monthly with Gasol Foundation, these 50 individuals have been walking together and reporting in on their individual health progress.  Then, in an effort to, #1, expand the club’s city-wide footprint and, #2, create space for long-term and sustainable habit change – each Vida! Walking Club member has been encouraged to continue their walking exercise efforts at home each week by partnering up with neighbors and setting out to canvass several of their city streets together or take strolls through nearby parks.  Exercise, after all, is better when done with a buddy, don’t you think?

LetiJessicaIn order to track club progress, each Vida! Walking Club member performed a pre-assessment timed 1/2 mile walking test on day 1 of the club.   And now, with half of the post-assessment tests logged into the Gasol Foundation record book – we’re seeing a 25% average decrease in walking times!   Exciting cardiovascular-related results!  Stay tuned for more information in May.

Cheers to happy bodies and minds, everyone.   Do you, also, take walks as a form of exercise?  If so, tell us about it!