Vida! Farmer’s Market Stands

Did you know that apples give you more energy than coffee? Did you also know that consuming more fruits and vegetables can significantly reduce the risk of high blood pressure, obesity, heart disease and other chronic diseases, and even some cancers?

It seems as though we learn something new every day about what fruits and vegetables can do for our bodies. Not only are they low in calories, high in fiber, found in fresh, frozen, canned, dried or 100% juice form, and add color to our plates – they also taste great!

That is precisely the reason why Gasol Foundation’s Vida! Health and Wellness Program provided farmer’s market stands to our program participants during the month of January. The stands were set up in South LA, Watts, and Boyle Heights and included items such as apples, oranges, carrots, broccoli, cilantro, garlic, beets, kale and so much more! The goal was to introduce our Vida! Health and Wellness parents and children to new fruits and vegetables. We also wanted to provide the free produce to these families because they don’t have regular access to them.

Our hope was that our families would try a few of these produce items for the first time, enjoy them, and add them to their meals! After all, you never know what you may like until you try it, right?!  And they did!

Join us and do something positive for your health – stop by a farmer’s market stand and pick up a piece of fruit or veggie to try, today!