Vida! Gardening Adventures

Thanks to our Vida! Health & Wellness Gardening Adventures in January, our Vida! families were able to bond with Mother Nature and spend time exploring all the magic and fun that can be found in a garden setting!

It wasn’t just digging in dirt – oh no, not for our South LA, Watts, and Boyle Heights families!  Our Vida! parents and children spent time in the gardens learning about the varied components that make up soil, what it takes for a crop to flourish, and the healing power of fruits, vegetables, and herbs.  For some of our parents, spending time in the garden was a nice reminder of their childhoods spent growing up in small villages throughout Latin and South America. At the close of each Garden Adventure, families took home samples of herbs and vegetables to try and tiny seedling pots for them to nurture on their own.

The overall goal of the January Vida! Garden Adventures was to educate our families on where healthy food really comes from.As an added bonus, the Vida! Garden Adventures also provided our families with an appreciation of the hard work and energy it takes to grow, transport, and prepare healthy produce before it reaches the dinner table.

Bon appetit!


Looking for a healthy hobby or a unique outdoor activity, why not go on your own gardening adventure?!  You’ll have so much fun! Ready, set, grow!