Vida! Graduations in Los Angeles

It has been a month of celebration as our Vida! Health and Wellness families in Watts, South LA, and Boyle Heights in Los Angeles celebrated the completion of their last sessions of the year!

It was beautiful, hot Southern California weather all month long; therefore, each week the kids began their sessions outdoors. This was a nice change of pace seeing they have been working very hard all year in the classroom exploring the “Healthy Galaxy” and learning concepts pertaining to the importance of the four healthy “planets”-Physical Activity, Healthy Eating, Sleep Quality and Emotional Well-being. Upon arriving to the field where the physical activity sessions were to take place, the kids were surprised and excited to see the field covered with various equipment such as soccer balls, hula hoops, batons for relay racing, basketballs, beach balls, and so much more! They were rewarded an hour of “free play” in which they could play any activity, sport or game of their choice- thus promoting the recommended 1-hour of light to moderate physical activity requirement for the day! Our Watts, South LA, and Boyle Heights children all had a blast using their imagination and creating new games with one another.

Vida! Grocery Run Game

Near the end of the session, the kids played the Vida! Grocery Run game, a Vida! favorite amongst all the kids. This game is played in a scavenger hunt- type manner in which numerous items are hidden and the kids have to run around finding as many items as they can. These items consisted of all healthy foods and produce, and ranged from bundles of carrots, to a watermelon, bags of brown rice, stalks of celery, etc. Whatever food item they found, they were able to keep for themselves and take home to share and enjoy with their families.

This fun game not only promotes healthy eating, but is also an exciting and very active activity to play!

Congratulations to our Vida! graduates!

Once this ended, the kids officially “graduated” and received their Gasol Foundation Vida! certificates commemorating all of their efforts throughout the entire year. They were all smiles as they received their certificates and joined their parents for the start of the Vida! parent graduation.

Although the parents’ Vida! sessions in April were brief due to the graduation, they spent the majority of the session discussing what they had learned throughout the course of the year and how they will continue those healthy practices moving forward.

During the parent graduations in Watts, South LA, and Boyle Heights, the parents were pleasantly surprised as they were greeted with a special congratulatory video from Pau Gasol himself! He recognized the families’ hard work and accomplishments, and expressed his gratitude for their participation in Vida! as well.

As you can see, the month of April for Watts, South LA, and Boyle Heights for Vida! was definitely one to remember, and we are already looking forward to next year! Congratulations once again to all of our Vida! families! We hope you will continue to utilize all of the healthy habits you’ve learned as you continue on your healthy journeys. Whatever health habits you embark on from this point on, remember to always “Make It Healthy, Make or Fun”! See you next year!