Vida! Physiology Fun! Healthy Inside & Out


Gasol Foundation’s Vida! program focuses its time and energy enriching the lives of children and parents through Sports, Health, and Education.

This October, we saw the Vida! Physiology is Fun educational science and activity component come to life! Our Vida kids in South LA, Boyle Heights, and Watts began by learning all about their bodies starting from the tip top of their skull cap down to the phalanx bones that make up each toe.

Breaking up into “medical-school” lab groups with a partner, the children were guided through a human body dissection kit lesson detailing important functions and interesting fun facts.

In particular, the 7 body systems; the Nervous system, Skeletal system, Cardio-Vascular system, Digestive system, Respiratory system, Urinary Track system, and Muscular system were covered. Important organs discussed included: the Brain, Heart, Liver, Kidneys, Lungs, Stomach, Bladder and Small Intestine. Once the classroom learning sessions were complete, the children filed outside to put their own bodies in motion and work up a sweat!


This month’s physical sport activity focused on the fundamentals of soccer. The kids began by being led through a short series of body and muscle lengthening stretches (very important prior to rigorous physical exercise). Next, they participated in a warm up drill with a partner that consisted of passing/kicking the ball back and forth to one another. After the warm-up drill was completed, the kids participated in various soccer exercises like “Speed Racer”, for example, an activity in which they were divided into four teams and proceeded to compete relay style by dribbling the ball to one end of the field and back. The days ended with some healthy and friendly competition – soccer games!

Our Vida kids reached their session goals – to “get their mind and body movin'” and had fun while doing it. So many smiles could be seen and laughter could be heard during the science lab time and while working out on the field. Truly special moments.

Special statements from the day included: “I had fun!”, “I can’t wait for next time!”, and “I want to be a doctor when I grow up because I beat cancer and really want to help other kids beat it too”.