Vida! Recap of The Grocery Project

The Grocery Project was launched in October 2014 in partnership with Jones Strength. Led by Kimberly Jones, an IFBB Figure Pro, Strength & Conditioning Coach, and CSCS/USAW, The Grocery Project tackles a weekly ritual practiced by every family in America: a trip to the grocery store.

Ever wonder what’s really healthy and what’s really not as you roam the colorful aisles of a grocery store?  Ever wonder how and what is the best way to stretch a dollar while still maintaining a high level of nutrition?  Ever wonder what is really the healthiest item in a convenience store or corner market?  Or, how much is too much or too little sugar, sodium, fat, or carbohydrates?

Vida! Health & Wellness has children and parents on a journey this year. They entered unsure, concerned and unwittingly lost inside the danger zones of their local markets, but with The Grocery Project’s help, by summer, parent and child alike will emerge back on a better course – one that involves balanced budgets, balanced nutrition, and happy bodies.