Millions of Americans have recently signed up for health insurance, while a vigorous national dialogue continues about how to get access for all to top-quality health care, and how to afford it. The World Day for Physical Activity – Friday, April 6 – reminds us of one way we can all improve our health with minimal cost and an array of co-benefits.

Walking (or rolling, for those using wheelchairs, strollers or skates) is the most universal form of physical activity. No special equipment or umpires needed; just head outside and get in some steps while you note how spring is brightening your neighborhood. Let’s celebrate World Day for Physical Activity moving around and sharing tips to reach our healthy goals!

The Benefits Behind Physical Activity

If we had a pill that conferred all the proven health benefits of walking, physicians would prescribe it to every patient and health care systems would find a way to make sure every patient had access to this wonder drug.

The dosage for this wonder drug – and as its ability to help prevent and treat chronic diseases such as diabetes and coronary heart disease – are verified by research. Federal physical activity guidelines recommend an hour of moderate-to-vigorous activity daily for children and adolescents, and 30 minutes for adults. The benefits, beyond individual health and well-being, include lower health care costs, better student achievement and productivity, reduced environmental impact, and much more.

More good news: Ten-minute bouts of activity count toward your daily total, and “physical activity” is a broadly inclusive moniker. Sports, swimming dancing and aerobics count, but so do walking and activities of daily living like gardening, biking to school or work and active play. Who couldn’t find ten minutes several times a day by parking a bit further from the office, walking to the post office, or playing with the kids after supper?

Make It Healthy Make It Fun

Who said that a healthy lifestyle can’t be fun? A year ago, in honor of World Day for Physical Activity Gasol Foundation, along Marc and Pau Gasol launched the Make It Healthy, Make It Fun playlist to prove otherwise.

Me and Pau are both strong advocates of healthy living and being active. We want to explain to children how fun it can be to take care of themselves” Marc explained. “Technology is part of children’s daily routines and we wanted to use the same platform, they use to communicate with them and promote healthy habits. Watching this playlist,” – continued Pau – “children can explore alternatives to move more, learn nutrition basics, discover how important hydration is for their full development and how to relax and have quality sleep time. More exercise and laughs for the whole family  are guaranteed!”.

The playlist has already reached more the +250.000 views. You haven’t watched it yet? Don’t skip the opportunity to show your children how fun it can be to take care of themselves!


Get real about getting active!

Too much time being sedentary or inactive is bad for your health. Individuals should avoid periods of inactivity for 2 hours or more, unless sleeping. Research shows that periods of physical inactivity raises chances of developing heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and obesity. Have each family member devote time to cutting off all screens and partaking in a family activity outdoors.

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